Upcoming trips in 2017


  • May
    A few days to Mallorca with Wouter and the students of my Herpetological Study Group to observe the Mallorcan Midwife Toad in the wild.
  • July
    A roadtrip through Greece with my buddy Thijs to find Pori Wall Lizard (Podarcis levendis) and Greek Meadow Viper (Vipera graeca). Along the way we will meet up with herping buddies Paul, Thomas and Kevin.
  • August
    Back to the tropics! Together with Laura, Wouter and Joachim I will visit Guatemala for its richness in amazing salamanders, vipers and arboreal alligator lizards. Traveling across the country from cloud forest and xeric shrubland to lush lowland rainforest and ancient Mayan temples.