Upcoming trips in 2017/2018

  • December 
    A cheap winter getaway to Portugal will allow Laura and me to escape the ghastly winter weather in northern Europe. Moreover it will allow us to do some herping and come out of hibernation ourselves. 

  • February
    Laura and I will revisit Israel. A different season might allow us to see different species as well and we are hoping to see some of those giant Salamandra infraimmaculata
  • April
    After missing Africa for a too long time, it seems I will be back here in 2018. Main targets for the trip to Uganda will be some gorgeous chameleons, fantastic vipers and lush rainforest herping in general. And of course some very impressive bigger wildlife!
  • July
    Not finding Nyctanolis pernix in Guatemala did hurt a bit. So we will just try it again but this time in Mexico as well as in Guatemala again. Gives us another shot at iconic amphibians such as Triprion and Rhinophrynus as well.